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Our heated base layer systems aren't just evolutionary, they're revolutionary!

About Us

The Thermal Core™ line is a new collection of heated clothing products. Powered by FabRoc far infrared heat technology, these systems provide heat for any activity. Let's face it, you can't exactly bring a ski jacket to go hunting. Thermal Core™ products are worn as a base layer, so you can wear it on the slopes, on the hunt, or on the job site. You now have one heated garment that can satisfy all of your cold weather needs!

Thermal Core™ is about freedom. Typical heated clothing is focused on outer layers, forcing you to buy a brand new jacket, for example, in order to heat your body. We say, keep your existing gear! With Thermal Core™, you are no longer bound by the options offered by Outdoor Clothing manufacturers. Our products are intended to enhance your existing cold weather garments by adding significant warmth and comfort. Think of Thermal Core™ as your first line of defence against the cold!